About MDB Strategies

MDB Strategies, LLC is dedicated to protecting and enhancing your interests within the Commonwealth of Virginia and the state of Maryland. Our focus is delivering result oriented legislative, regulatory & government affairs solutions, while developing relationships that will benefit your business for decades.

We will build a strategy with you to navigate the highly complex governmental entities, officials and systems which can either help or hinder your company’s productivity and ability to compete in a free market. We will use all our knowledge, experience and unmatched work ethic to level the playing field.

Matthew D. Benka, president of MDB Strategies LLC, has fifteen years of lobbying, government affairs and public relations experience. He has advised two Governors, political campaigns, local governments, regional entities, state-wide associations and international conglomerates to small family businesses. Has been a member of economic trade missions to Israel, Singapore, United Kingdom and Poland.

MDB Strategies regularly partners with the most highly qualified and experienced associated consultants to suit your unique needs.